The First (of many) Commandeer Posts

Hello everyone! This is Alexander Claud, the PR visionary at Creative Visions Foundation! Usually Kalie is writing all of these fabulous posts for you to enjoy, but I decided to kick her to the side for the day (I literally kicked her…you think I’m kidding.) in order to tell you all about the event we just had here at the Dan Eldon Center for Creative Activism!

This past Thursday June, 14th we hosted a screening event for the Wild Horses and Renegades project, a film produced and directed by Emmy Award-Winning filmmaker James Kleinhart. Wild Horses and Renegades is a film that discusses the issue of American wild horse preservation, and its mission is “To empower the human spirit, mind, and body in a harmonious nature and to restore our diminishing wild horse population.” It’s garnered the support of some big names (ready for the name drop?) like Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson,  but what the film really needs is your support. Its a big issue that is in need of a lot of people to rise up and speak out against what’s happening.

We hosted around 50 people, all from various walks of life, but who were joined together through James’ film. Before the screening, everyone had a chance to mingle with James and the other guests (if you haven’t caught on yet, mingling is probably one of our most favorite activities here). Producers, actors, activists and (my personal favorite) the I-want-to-help-in-any-way-I-can! people filled the Dan Eldon center with a great energy and excited buzz. Not to mention the visionaries who could be found scattered through the crowd, always excited to help and inquire.

Once we were all a little more aquatinted with each other, Tokalah Clifford graced us all with traditional Native American songs. Between each, Tokalah told the colorful vibrant stories behind each song, as well as his history and involvement with Wild Horses and Renegades. Although many of us couldn’t understand what he was saying, the songs were extremely inspirational and moving (watch for the videos we will be putting up soon!).

After everyone was dazed by Tokalah’s resonating songs we were shown a video capturing the cruel roundups of the wild horses. James then gave an address to the importance of his project and what it means to America to treat the wild horses with the same respect as one would treat their own family.

Everyone was then invited to chose their course of action for the rest of the night, options including a screening of the full length film, a meet and greet with James Kleinhart, or simply mingling around and soaking in the atmosphere of a truly wonderful night.

The event was very successful, bringing in over 400 dollars for the fight to save the horses. We can only hope for more great events like this in the future, and of course they will all be documented here on the blog so you guys can have a taste of the action.

It was great talking with y’all! (I’m southern. We say “y’all”).

Abrazos y Besos,

Alexander “The Most-Relatable-to-the-Public Visionary” Claud

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