TESTIMONIAL: Video Volunteers

“Being a Creative Visions sponsee was literally the boost and beginning of my entire organization, and even though I’m not an ‘official’ CV project anymore, I feel that my organization, Video Volunteers, is deeply connected to Creative Visions.”Video Volunteers is working to create a network of hundreds of ‘community video producers’ in the slums and villages, and in the last two years, we’ve trained 75 full-time community producers, who have produced over 45 films that have been seen by more than 130,000 people in the slums and villages in India. In the last year, things have really taken off. I was made an Echoing Green Fellow, and we won the NYU Stern Business plan competition.

“We also just received a major bit of funding, over $275,000, which for us was a real milestone, from a great foundation. But it has been a real journey, and every time something good happens, I immediately think of sharing the success with my friends at Creative Visions. And every time something bad happens (I think we’re supposed to call those ‘hurtles,’ right?) I go to Creative Visions for guidance and support.”

– Jessica Mayberry, Founder and Executive Director, Video Volunteers

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