SUCCESS! Tourist with a Typewriter

For Saeed Taji Farouky and his production company, Tourist with a Typewriter, the past three years have felt like a marathon, developing and producing their documentary, The Runner. However, recently they seem to be hovering within near reach of the finish line.A film about endurance, The Runner gained momentum and attention this past year. With an influx of invitations to screen the film and to host forums, Saeed and his team have not only felt the industry’s interest materialize but have in fact watched their own goals and missions crystallize. Rooted in their purpose, Tourist with a typewriter continues to work toward two objectives: to produce original, creative, personal, and humanistic documentaries that highlight compelling human rights stories and solutions and to increase responsibility and ethical concerns within the mainstream documentary industry by challenging the current state of output.

This year’s journey brought Saeed and his team to StoryDoc, an organization that specializes in providing background and know-how for co-production documentaries in the international scene.  Having taken special interest in The Runner, renowned documentary guru, Tue Steen Muller, invited the film to screen at next year’s development program, as an inspirational and motivational example for other documentary filmmakers in development.

Additionally, not only did the Irish Film Board and the Sundance affiliated Arab Fund for Arts and Culture recognize The Runner for its many strengths, but also the Sheffield International Documentary Festival, the Edinburgh Pitch, and SunnySide of the Doc invited Tourist with a Typewriter to pitch and present the film for their markets and forums.  Over the past year the film has also gained a number of invaluable supporters, including Goldsmiths University of London, Sandblast, Amiel and Melburn Trust, Samuel Rubin Foundation, and TED, to name a few.

As the final product takes shape, it’s clear that the film has not made it here on just adrenaline or endurance, but thanks to the tireless passion of its team.  We here at CVF can’t wait to see The Runner cross that finish line.

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