SUCCESS! Mim’delo Project

Renato lives in the outskirts of the city of Mindelo on Sao Vincente island off the coast of West Africa: a marginalized community struggling for daily subsistence. Renato dreamed of being a performing artist and working in theater. Life was hard for Renato and he was planning on giving up this dream due to the lack of opportunities and the seemingly unattainable reality of being an actor. Mim’delo picked up Renato for the troupe and it became clear he was a gifted individual. His talents led him to a part in a national Television series and later to become a key actor in an international theater production.

Renato now is a permanent member of this theater group and pushes through boundaries to take theater to isolated communities. He believes he can give meaning to the lives or those who are like him. His story as well as others of those Mim’Delo has helped convinced the Ministry of Culture of Cape Verde to distinguish Project mim’delo with a Certificate of Cultural Relevance to Cape Verde.

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