SUCCESS! Healing Sounds

Juan Gerardo Ayala “Liqui” is from Capapegua, a small farm town, two hours away from Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. Liqui’s mom works as a maid in Asuncion and his dad is a driver. Liqui was able to learn the flute thanks to Szaran’s free music program that reaches children of low-income families in remote towns.Liqui is the flutist of the recycled instruments Orchestra, which utilizes instruments made out of trash.

Our documentary is following Liqui and his orchestra. As of December 2010, Liqui and his teacher, are working on a program to educate street kids on how to build instruments out of trash. This is also in part, the therapy they hope will integrate them into society. If these children show interest and become good enough musicians, they will become part of Liqui’s orchestra in the near future.

Our hope is to visit Paraguay in April of this year to continue filming Liqui and his orchestra’s inspirational project.


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