During their trip to Nairobi, Elischia and Francis had a chance encounter on a bus heading to Kibera. They met Sister Roselyn Osoo, a friendly and laughter filled individual who worked at the organization Gods Last Appeal Chruch (GLAC), which is a church that doubles as different community centers in Kenya. Sister Roselyn’s chapter doubled as a school. GLAC was an amazing place with children being taught in classrooms which were far below the standards they deserved. This church’s sentiment is that education is a right, and is the key to eliminating the factors of extreme poverty.

What struck Elischia was the magic behind those chance encounter that happen when you open your heart, share joy and open yourself to exploration. Sister Roselyn was simply on her way to her daily work, working to make the world a bit better for our future and praying to encounter people that can help. Elischia and Francis were just on their way to understand the humanity of Kibera to translate to the world. Intended hearts led to destined encounters.

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