SUCCESS! DJ AM Memorial Fund

Recently, the DJ AM Memorial Fund has donated funding and DJ Equipment to the Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles. Much like DJ AM, Phoenix House works to help those communities, families, and individuals battling substance addiction. Their holistic approach to understanding and conquering addiction includes a music program that the DJ AM Memorial Fund was excited to support. Over 200 students have utilized the equipment and have been able to express themselves in positive ways, through music, in ways they never have before.

Vera – winner of the Grammy Foundation contest – is a talented musician and songwriter who clearly has benefited greatly from having the music studio as part of the program at Phoenix House. She sees the studio as a sanctuary at Phoenix House that allowed her to use music to better understand who she is and what she wants to be in life. The DJ AM Memorial Foundation’s support of the studio has been fundamental to helping kids like Vera enjoy a successful stay at Phoenix House. Vera is now a student at Santa Monica College and doing great.

John Morabito, the director of the music program at Phoenix House LA, has this to say about having the DJ equipment in the studio:

We have a lot of residents who haven’t been coming to the recording studio because they do not rap or sing and felt like there is nothing in there for them. Ever since we got the DJ system in, it has been a huge drawing card to get these residents into the studio. They cannot wait to get in when it is their day to do so. Even though they do not know how to DJ, they pretend and play on the unit and are totally engaged for the entire duration that they are in the studio. Until we had the DJ system we were not able to connect a large group of our kids with music – but now we are able to, and the kids are loving it.

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