Reports from Imba’s American Tour

With the help of CVF Imba Means Sing is almost done shooting, for its next-summer release of their film, in honor of the African Children’s Choir’s 30th anniversary. The choir’s journey through America has been full of joy and “firsts”. They started their trip flying for the first time, and learning and seeing everything about Western culture that we use in our everyday lives like using silverware, drinking ice, seeing smooth roads, having new clothes and shoes, learning about washing machines and dishwashers, riding motorboats, learning to swim, and performing on a professional stage. These kids have become famous in the US, performing a star-studded show in NYC, including a performance on the CBS morning show and a flash mob at the Grand Canyon. But the most invaluable thing is watching these kids grow up on camera. They started off illiterate and are now fluent in English and Luganda. They have built up confidence and feel empowered that they can achieve huge dreams, including the star of the film, Angel, who wants to become the first female President of Uganda.

View the trailer for the film


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