Creative Visions “Globaltribe” a Success on PBS!

Creative Visions “Globaltribe” a Success on PBS!PBS recently launched the first two shows of the new GlobalTribe series with presenter, Amy Eldon. The series follows Amy’s quest to discover people who are creating solutions to some of the greatest challenges the world faces in the 2lst century. Funding for the first two shows has come from the Packard Foundation and the AOL Time Warner Foundation. The series is accompanied by a dynamic website for adventurers, explorers and anyone wishing to know how to contribute meaningfully to making the world a better place. Series program one takes place in the Philippines. Amy scuba dives with fishermen who have abandoned their destructive fishing methods – dynamiting and cyaniding fish – and are working to preserve the coral reefs on the island of Palawan.

In the capital city of Manilla, she meets with people who live their lives on a garbage dump and on the island of Banaue, she visits the rice terraces, often referred to as the “eighth wonder of the world” and meets with people who are trying to keep alive ancient oral traditions.

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