Creative Activist Program

Our Creative Activist Program helps impact media makers develop and launch projects that use the power of story to raise awareness, drive change and awaken people to the potential of creating solutions to challenging local and global problems.

Over the last 10 years, we have incubated and assisted over 200 projects and productions worldwide representing 35 countries, reaching millions of people through social media, screenings, performances, and live events. These projects have created significant impact and policy change in the areas of human rights, the environment and youth and education.

Through a Service Grants program model, we make professional consulting services available to grant awardees. The Service Grants are delivered by teams of 3-5 industry professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to support the development, implementation, marketing, fundraising or distribution of film, music, performing and visual arts, or journalism projects and programs. In addition to these unique, customized consulting services, the program also provides mentoring opportunities, development and production resources, fiscal sponsorship and a vibrant global community to support grantees as they create media for social impact.

This program offers a suite of services to help you create a successful project from concept to implementation.

In order to apply, you must be a member of the Creative Activist Network.
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Criteria For Acceptance

We’re looking for projects that use media to tell stories that about problems that need to be solved, create impact, illuminate solutions and offer hope and inspiration. Specific criteria includes:

  • Creative Activism. Telling stories through film, dance, journalism, drama, photography, music, writing or art that raise awareness about problems and solutions.
  • Cause Relevance. We are interested in supporting creative activists working in the realms of human rights, gender equality, and the environment.
  • Stage of Development. While we accept projects at any stage, we do require a fully-developed concept. For film projects, a trailer, rough cut or story treatment or story concept should accompany the grant application.
  • The Applicant. Because we believe in the power of storytellers to raise awareness and catalyze change, we are looking for highly motivated, creative teams that are seeking collaboration and resource support to expedite project development or completion.
  • Impact. Priority will be given to projects that are designed to reach broad or targeted audiences for the purpose of creating awareness about issues and solutions that lead to behavior change, and can be made accessible to audiences within 12 months of service grant award.

Service Grant Award

After review of the grant application, projects will be selected based on the criteria outlined. Successful applicants receive a Service Grant of consulting services that meets the needs outlined in the application along with a designated Creative Visions account manager to help you make the best use of the grant. The Service Grant award will be allocated for use over a 12-month period and includes quarterly consultations with strategic advisors either by phone or in person, networking events, and project management tools.


If you are interested in the program, please send your contact information and a short description of your project to 

We will be making an announcement in July about the next CAP application cycle, along with some exciting new improvements to the program. 

Thank you! 


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