TESTIMONIAL: Theatre for Humans

“While we have just joined the CAP program mid-year of 2011, Creative Visions Foundation has assisted us first and foremost by having Kathy Eldon and her team believe in our project and by accepting Theatre for Humans into the program and the CVF family.  The networking opportunities CVF provides are incredibly important and Theatre for Humans has benefited from being invited to the UN gathering at the Dan Eldon Center earlier in the year, meetings with Kathy to discuss our project, and most recently, the CAP Summit.  We met a number of people at the Summit who are involved with projects that brought them to places such as Kenya and other regions of Africa that we have also visited as part of our research.  We are in the process of putting together meetings to talk with those people about their experiences.  It was beneficial to meet with mentors at the Summit who are willing to lend their expertise to our projects.  Theatre for Humans hopes to talk with these mentors over the course of 2012.” – Susan Blyth & Teresa Merkle

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