SUCCESS! Theatre for Humans

“One voice can make a difference and many voices can change the world.” – Susan Blyth and Teresa MerkleLess than a year since the project’s inception, Theatre for Humans has traveled the world to peer into some of its darker corners and has returned home with the voices, stories, and hearts of many peoples.  Over the span of fourteen weeks, co-founders and project directors Susan and Terry embarked on a journey across Thailand, India, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, the DRC, Burundi, Egypt, Haiti, and Ecuador to probe a range of global issues facing women – from sex slavery and human trafficking to rape as a tool of war and female inclusion in politics.  What they plucked along the way has proven itself an invaluable wellspring for creativity and change.

For one, their research and mission attracted the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning playwright, Marsha Norman, who has signed on to write TFH’s play.  In fact, because of Marsha’ involvement with Theatre for Humans, NOMI Network, a nonprofit organization focusing on the eradication of human trafficking, asked Marsha to speak at its Awards Ceremony in New York City.  Marsha’s collaboration with TFH also prompted her participation in the Global Forum on Human Trafficking and the Not for Sale Campaign in San Francisco this past fall.

Susan and Terry, too, have been highly involved in a number of similar conferences and showcases, including the 2011 CARE National Conference, at which the conference participants received information packs featuring Theatre for Humans.  Since then, Susan and Terry have entered into discussions with CARE regarding their 2012 Conference and the future of their relationship with TFH.  Additionally, Theatre for Humans held the honorable title of a presenting sponsor of the 2011 WIFTS (Women’s International Film and Television Showcase) International Visionary Awards in Toronto, Canada.

The world has only heard the first mumblings from Theatre for Humans, and we look forward to the day the world gets to hear the many voices of TFH in full.

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