SUCCESS! Tender Greens Sustainable Life Project

What began as just a seed of an idea, Tender Greens Sustainable Life Project has now blossomed into a dynamic farming program that provides transitioning foster youth access to a safe, consistent learning and living environment.The Sustainable Life Project (SLP) nurtures young people to develop personally and professionally, cultivating and equipping themselves with the skills, confidence, and relationships to successfully pursue their goals.

This past year, SLP began training interns, and upon completion of the program, Tender Greens hired two youths as bussers and one youth as a cashier under the Tender Greens’ Chef in West Hollywood.  As of next year, the new interns will assist with work in “Frogtown,” a fully functional, urban farm created with the support of the Elysian Valley community.

Further enhancing sustainability, SLP has initiated a training program for current Tender Greens Chefs.  Producing continuous generations of trainers, the Chefs travel to local urban farms to learn how to farm and how to mentor future foster youths.

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