Lessons learned… Kony 2012

Media has become an amazing and powerful tool in our world. It has given a voice to the individual and power to localized issues that were once unknown. Media has brought fourth a new sense of community and when used right, can unite millions to spark great change in our world.

Invisible children did just that, sparked an entire generation with the fire to stop Joseph Kony. For the sake of space I’m just going to assume you have heard about Kony and the LRA (but please if you haven’t, go read up!). With an avalanche  of media attention and loads of new “followers,” all in response to their Kony 2012 campaign, Invisible Children found themselves in a position that they never foresaw. With the spotlight on them, all of their good, bad, and ugly moments were there for the world. As most of us have figured out, we learn from the challenges and difficult times most, and the guys at Invisible Children are certainly no exception. This is not to say that it was all bad either. The ICC has indicted Joseph Kony. President Obama has sent American non-combative troops to lend aid to the Ugandan soldiers fighting to find Kony. Things are happening and we have not only Jason Russell and the Invisible Children team to thank, but ourselves as well.

With all that being said, we at Creative Visions thought, why not learn from them? They engaged millions of people around the world to care about an issue that had absolutely no direct effect on them. Their Kony 2012 video garnered over 100 million views in less then a month! They were clearly doing something right. So on May 24th we sat down with Ben Keesey, CEO of Invisible Children, Jeffrey Gettleman, East Africa bureau chief for the New York Times, and  John Turteltaub who played moderator/host/stand-up comic for the night. The resulting discussion was enlightening and enjoyable, covering everything from the background of the war to Invisible Children’s strategy with each of their videos. I encourage all of you to keep your eyes open, because we’ve got a great recap video coming out soon that we will post on our site. In addition, we are creating several more ten minute videos to cover the rest of the content from the night. Watch one to dive deeper into a specific subject, or watch them all and get the whole experience. We were so honored to be able to host such a great event and learn from those who are truly out on the front lines, and I hope that you guys can get as much out of the talk as we did.

Over and out.

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