Kony 2012 Lessons Learned Event Trailer

The Creative Visions Foundation hosted the Kony 2012 event at the Dan Eldon Center in Malibu, California. The event brought together for the first time, Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times Journalist Jeffrey Gettleman, Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesey, and Director/Producer Jon Turteltaub, to discuss the lessons learned from the rapid spread of the Kony 2012 online video.

Directed by: Ed Gutentag
Produced by: Karee Maxson
Edited by: Chrystie Martinez
Camera Operators: Mark Tierny, Karee Maxson, Ali Murtaza, Alex Pollini, and Ed Gutentag

KonyGraphic: Andrew Ishikawa-Peterson

Music by: Explosions in the Sky

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