Catching Up with the Imagination Foundation

Within a year working with CVF the Imagination Foundation has accomplished great things…

The Imagination Foundation is an organization born out of the immense global response to the film “Caine’s Arcade”, about a 9 year old boy who created an entire arcade out of cardboard. Since 2012 the foundation has worked with over 10,000 communities in 41 countries and serving over 100,000 children. Caine’s Arcade, which started this all, has over 130,000 Facebook fans and the film has been viewed over 8 million times. The project has gotten media attention from many prestigious news engines such as Forbes, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Wired, Washington Post, Good, Christian Science Monitor, and many others. Goals for the end of 2013 include engaging 1 million children in creative play, in over 70 countries, through the Global Cardboard Challenge. In addition to launching “Caine’s Arcade in a Box” a curriculum to teach STEM related concepts in schools, and “Caine’s Arcade for Corporate Leaders,” a consulting package to help business leaders improve the culture, creativity, and morale of their workforce.


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