Creative Visions

CAP Dinner Party Recap

It’s no secret that the Creative Visions tribe loves a good party.  On February 12th, the CAP team hostedCAP DINNER 2 the first of what will be a series of dinner parties for active CAP members.  This event brought all CAP theatre projects to the table for a family dinner at the Center, and The First Seating graced us with their talents, providing the delicious meal and intentional conversation.  The First Seating is co-founded by one of our incredible CAP mentors Carolyn Sams, along with Isis Krause, and brings together groups to share a meal and guided discussion.  This gathering set the dinner series off on an excellent foot, and has the CAP community excited for more!  What will be the next dinner’s theme?  Stay tuned!

Check out the scene here!

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